FHT acredited reflexologyLevel 3 Accredited Course

Reflexology works on a similar principle to acupuncture except it is totally non invasive.

Instead of using needles, pressure is applied through the fingers and thumbs to stimulate the reflex points found on both the feet and hands that correspond to all the organs and glands found in the body.

Reflexology is a completely safe form of therapy, as well as being a very relaxing experience.

The purpose of a course of treatment is to normalize the body’s functioning, to help to break down tension and alleviate stress, and to improve nerve functioning and blood supply throughout the body.

Learn how to develop the techniques you need to deliver a professional and competent Reflexology treatment.

Pre-requisite Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – Level 3

Methods of assessment – Written assignments; theoretical examination; case studies to be completed and a practical observation.

Reflexology Course Content

  • Health & Safety relating to Complementary Therapies
  • How Reflexology works
  • History of Reflexology
  • Contra-actions
  • Contra-indications
  • Diseases and disorders of the feet
  • Reading the feet
  • Zone theory
  • Consulatation techniques
  • Deep techniques
  • Introduction to hand Reflexology

Theoretical examination to be undertaken.

At A Glance

Course Duration Course Cost
 20 Sessions of 3 hours duration  £1,200 (+£40 for theoretical exam)

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